Your daughter may be made of sugar, spice, and everything nice but she probably has a little bit of a prima donna personality at times. So why not buy her a girl's Diva costume for Halloween? This is an especially good fit if your little girl lives to perform and loves the spotlight. With our wide selections, young girls can choose what type of Diva they will be. If you are searching for a classic look, we have a Hollywood Starlet ensemble as well as a 1950s style sock hop set. If she is heading for a 1980s-themed dance, we have punk rocker and glam rockers styles. If the 1960s are more what you are looking for, check out our go go inspired outfits.

Does your daughter like Katy Perry? If so, we have some Katy Perry Garb. If your tween or teen is a fan of Lady Gaga, she can put on our Lady gaga costume. We also have some licensed items such a Novi Stars characters. Ari Roma, Una Verse and Elie Lectric are just a few of the alien girls who come to earth because they want to be like humans. A diva is a celebrated singer. Once used to described women in opera, the word expanded its meaning to include women in all types of music. It has also come to mean a talented female performer who is also temperamental. Or just a woman with a strong personality. So if your little girl is an independent child, this style will be a perfect fit.

Let your daughter get in touch with her inner performer this Halloween in a diva girls costume.

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