Every little girl is an angel, but she may be a little bit of an imp too, which is why we have Girls' Devil Costumes for Halloween. Even good girls like to be a little mischievous at times, so why not let your daughter show that side on Halloween? Many of our selections come complete with a red outfit, horn, wings, tail and pitchfork. You can also mix and match accessories from our accessories section.

Devils - Devil Delinquent Teen Costume

Devil Delinquent Teen Costume

Our Price: $18.99
Out of Stock
Devils - Darling Devil Costume for Kids

Darling Devil Costume for Kids

Our Price: $16.99
Out of Stock
Devils - Devilina Costume for Children

Devilina Costume for Children

Our Price: $29.99
In Stock
Devils - Night Wing Red Devil Girl's Costume

Night Wing Red Devil Girl's Costume

Our Price: $20.99
Out of Stock
Devils - Devil Darling Girl's Costume

Devil Darling Girl's Costume

Our Price: $24.29
In Stock

For the older girls who are not yet teens, we have tween outfits. These come in larger sizes and are a little bit more mature than a young child's garb yet still age appropriate. The garb, with its dark red and black colors as well as black glovelettes, is Gothic style.

The devil is, according to many religions, the personification of evil. He is a fallen angel and the ruler of hell. While many consider him pure evil, in pop culture he is frequently interpreted as just a little bad. Often he is portrayed as a tempter and is always willing to make a deal for your soul.

In Bedazzled, Brendan Fraser agrees to give his soul to Satan in exchange for seven wishes that will make the object of his affection fall in love with him. But the devil is a tricky character and the wishes do not go as planned. In the classic film and Broadway play, Damn Yankees, a middle-aged man give up his soul so that he can be the star player of the Washington Senators and help the baseball team beat the damn Yankees.

Let your girl have some devilish fun in a devil Halloween costume for girls.

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