If you are looking for a truly classic outfit this year, how about a kids Cowgirl Halloween costume? Selections include gunslinger, Annie Oakley and rodeo queen outfits. Hats and faux gun with holster are just some of the accessories available. Some of our most popular selections are the Jesse outfits for girls and women. Jesse is a doll that comes to life in the animated Toy Story movie series.

Cowgirls - Rodeo Star Girl's Costume

Rodeo Star Girl's Costume

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Cowgirls - Girl's Western Diva Costume

Girl's Western Diva Costume

Our Price: $17.99
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Cowgirls - Gun Slinger Cowgirl Costume

Gun Slinger Cowgirl Costume

Our Price: $24.99
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Cowgirls - Giddy Up Cowgirl Children's Costume

Giddy Up Cowgirl Children's Costume

Our Price: $22.99
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Cowgirls - Cowgirl Sweetie Girl's Costume

Cowgirl Sweetie Girl's Costume

Our Price: $22.99
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Cowgirls - Child Brown Horsey Costume

Child Brown Horsey Costume

Our Price: $33.97
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Cowgirls played an important part of the Wild West so they are a great character for your child to emulate. They worked hard on ranches, especially when their men were off on cattle drives or at war. It's no coincidence that Wyoming was the first state to allow women to vote; men in the state recognized that women were as tough and as smart as men because they knew many women worked side by side with men and even alone when necessary.

One of the most famous cowgirls is Annie Oakley. She was a sharpshooter who performed in Buffalo Bill's Wild West show. Annie, who grew up in poverty, began hunting at age 8 to feed herself and her family. She sold the game to local restaurants and hotels and paid off her mother's mortgage when she was 15. She set records for shooting well into her 60s. Any girl that knew that would love to be a cowgirl for Halloween.

Ride off to you Halloween party in a Cowgirl costume.

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