Every little girl wants to be Barbie for Halloween at some point in her life. With all the different Barbie dolls on store shelves, there are more costumes to choose from than the typical blonde hair Barbie who wears the pink dress. No matter what size you are, there are numerous girl's Barbie costumes to pick from.

Barbie - Kids' Barbie Cheerleader Costume

Kids' Barbie Cheerleader Costume

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Barbie - Child Barbie Kitty Costume

Child Barbie Kitty Costume

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Barbie - Pirate Barbie Costume for Girls

Pirate Barbie Costume for Girls

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Barbie - Barbie Witch Costume for Girls

Barbie Witch Costume for Girls

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The most basic Girl's Barbie Costume features a short pink dress and blonde wig. Throw in some pink shoes and you are ready for a night of trick or treating or a day of playing with Barbie dolls. One way to make an ordinary Barbie costume stand out from all the others is by adding some Barbie accessories. The costume can be made into a rocker Barbie by adding a microphone and glitter on the dress.

Girl’s Barbie Halloween costumes can get glamorous with the different Barbie dolls. For toddler girls a great costume would be a superhero Barbie. Girls are left out of the superhero themes so this is an excellent opportunity for them to show their powerful side. The costume is a simple two-colored dress with a pink cape and mask. There is glitter all over the costume so it is sure to shine at night.

Fairy costumes are popular with the middle age girls. Ruffles adorn the bottom half of fairy costumes and there are wings attached to most of them. If you don’t like to wear pink, fairy costumes come in blue, green and purple. Cute sandals of the same color as the costume complete the ensemble. Other popular Barbie costumes include dressing up as one of the career Barbies or one of the mermaid Barbies. Use your imagination when designing your costume and have a night of fun!

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