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Disco is alive and well, and so is the style of clothing that was ever so popular back in the 1970's. There are tons of girls 70's costumes that your daughter can wear to feel like she was born in this hip and groovy time period that was spent mostly on the dance floor. Get down this Halloween in these fun outfits. Get funky! From the psychedelic wardrobes still coming over from the hippies in the 60's to the brand new style of disco outfits to wear out, there are plenty of different fashion choices from the 70's. The bright colors line up perfectly with the rest of the time period that kept it's head up. To have all of the fun that was had in the 70's you need the dress too, and these outfits give you just that.

70's Costumes - Child's Boogie Girl Costume

Child's Boogie Girl Costume

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Out of Stock
70's Costumes - Girl's Discoing Dolly Costume

Girl's Discoing Dolly Costume

Our Price: $17.09
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70's Costumes - Child's Go Go Girl Costume

Child's Go Go Girl Costume

Our Price: $29.99
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70's Costumes - Peace-Out Daisy Costume for Girl's

Peace-Out Daisy Costume for Girl's

Our Price: $35.99
In Stock

You can make sure that you and your daughter feel the funk just by putting on an outfit of the era. This is one of the most popular decades because it was the start of disco, bell bottom pants, and groovy hairstyles. From dresses to jumpsuits there are tons of different ways that women dressed in the 70's, so choose the look that is right for you.

Bright colors, psychedelic patterns, and cute accessories make these 1970 styles the best they ever were. If your daughter wants to bring back the authentic look and feel of the extremely groovy decade, then the girls 70's costumes are the only way that she'll be able to do that.

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