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It used to be a challenge finding a quality costume on a budget, but thanks to our long list of boy's costumes under $20, it's easy to find something perfect for your boy. They come in sizes for boys of all ages and we have something from every almost category. From monsters to superheroes to TV characters, your boy will find something he loves at an affordable price. Young boys can dress as anything from a horse to a superhero to a pirate without breaking the bank. He'll have fun letting his imagination run wild and you'll rest easy knowing it's a quality costume that he can wear over and over.

Older boys who love scary things have plenty of cheap options, too. There are zombie, ghost, and alien costumes that he can wear on Halloween to frighten everyone who answers the door. Star Wars movies and the Clone Wars animated TV show are very popular among boys. Many of his favorite characters have costumes under $20. Whether he wants to be a stormtrooper or Jedi, There's an outfit that will keep you within budget. Superheroes are also well represented in this budget section of the site. He'll find his favorites, including Batman and Superman. There are even Power Ranger and ninja costumes under $20. He'll love the Transformers outfits, too.

There are too many cheap costumes to mention, so you and your boy can browse this section and find the perfect costume for under $20.

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