Give your little super guy a boy's Superman costume and he can dress as the first, and arguably, the most popular superhero ever. Superman first appeared in comic books in the 1930s and since then has become a cultural icon. Thanks to the recent hit movie, Man of Steel, his popularity is bigger than ever. Superman was just a newborn on the planet Krypton when his father put him in a rocket and launched him on a course for earth—just moments before Krypton was destroyed. The baby was found by an old farming couple in the Midwest and was raised as Clark Kent. Although he displayed super powers even as a boy, he kept them secret. As an adult, he moved to the city and became a newspaper journalist. He also became Superman and fought for justice.

Superman - Boy's Deluxe Superman Costume

Boy's Deluxe Superman Costume

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Superman - Boy's Superman Costume

Boy's Superman Costume

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Superman - Child Superman Man of Steel Cape

Child Superman Man of Steel Cape

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The classic Superman costume for boys is instantly recognizable by just about everyone. It features a blue jumpsuit with red shorts, a yellow belt, red boots, and a red cape. The famous Superman logo is a red S on a yellow shield and is featured prominently on the costume's chest. These costumes come in a regular version and a muscle version that's padded to make your boy look extra strong.

The recent movie, Man of Steel, reboot the Superman series and gave him a somewhat updated and modern look. The costume is still blue with red boots, red cape, and the logo on the chest. The red shorts and the belt are gone, though, and the suit has a more high tech appearance. If your boy loved this movie he'll love being this version of Superman. Of course, if he prefers villains, he can dress as General Zod instead.

There are lots of famous superheros, but few have made their mark on the world like this one. Get your boy a Superman Halloween costume and he'll become a hero too.

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