Boys love dressing up as superheroes, and boy's Spider-Man costumes are among their favorites. Kids love Spider-Man because—in many versions—he's a kid too. When he's not in his Spidey suit he is Peter Parker, a teenager with ordinary teenage problems. Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider during a school field trip and that bite gave him super powers. He has super strength, agility, a spider sense, and the ability to cling to walls. He was already a wiz kid at science so he invented web slinger wrist bands and a special suit.

Spiderman - Amazing Spider-Man 2 Kids Costume

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Kids Costume

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Spiderman - Spider Man Dress Up Set

Spider Man Dress Up Set

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Spiderman - Marvel Deluxe Venom Costume for Boys

Marvel Deluxe Venom Costume for Boys

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Spider-Man comic books have been extremely popular since the 1960s and have spawned many TV shows and movies. Several recent movie series help to make him a adored even by young children. Although there have been many versions of the superhero, his classic red and blue suit is iconic and recognizable. This classic costume comes in sizes for boys of all ages. Many versions have muscle padding on the torso and arms. This will make your child look like he has huge strong muscles and will make him feel more powerful as he imagines being a superhero. Be sure to add Spider-Man accessories, too. There are gloves and props like web slinger wrist bands.

There are also other versions of the Spider-Man costume. Your boy can dress as the Spider-Man/Iron Man combination that he wore as an Avenger after Tony Stark made it for him. He can be the black Spidey with the scorpion on the chest from the time he was infected by Venom. And if your boy prefers being a villain, there's a Lizard costume too.

Your boy will love dressing in a Spider-Man costume for Halloween or to pretend to be a superhero. He should remember, though, that "with great power there must also come great responsibility."

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