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The 1920's were a time when gangsters ran the streets, and the cops were mostly helpless to stop them. If your son loves this time period, then check out our Boys' 20's Costumes. We've got plenty of cops and gangsters for your little guy to dress as, so he can have the coolest Halloween costume ever this year. He can get his friends to dress as gangsters too, so they can have a cool group costume that everybody else will be envious of. He'll feel like the baddest of the bad this year, and nobody's going to want to mess with him. Your son had better look good in pinstripes though, because that's what all these figures wore back in the day. The nicer the suit, the higher up each one was in the food chain.

20's Costumes - Child's Gangster Costume

Child's Gangster Costume

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20's Costumes - Child's 20's Gangster Costume

Child's 20's Gangster Costume

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20's Costumes - Kid's Gangster

Kid's Gangster

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20's Costumes - Jumbo Muscle Boy's Scareface Costume

Jumbo Muscle Boy's Scareface Costume

Our Price: $40.45
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Accessories are important for costumes like this. The suit is a good start, but if he doesn't have the right shoes, a hat, and maybe a toy gun, nobody's going to believe that he's a gangster. A fake cigar would work well too, as these tough guys were always smoking cigars. We've got a violin case too, if you're looking to get clever. A gangster would often put his tommy gun in that case, so people thought he was carrying a violin around with him. Which was pretty dishonest, because I bet this guy couldn't even play the violin. If you want to go for a very silly look, we have a mask as well with a big, wrinkled face with an exaggerated chin and forehead.

Help your son live out his favorite era this Halloween, with one of our boys' 1920's costumes.

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