Your boy can be a king when he wears a boy's Purim costume on this joyous holiday. Purim is a time of rejoicing, and one of the ways is for children to dress up like kings and queens and go to costume contests. With our costumes, your boy is sure to win. Purim celebrates the foiling of a plot to kill ancient Jews in ancient Persia. Mordecai, and the queen, who was his adopted daughter, discovered this plot and had the perpetrators captured. In the story, the real king honored Mordechai by having him dress in kingly robes as he was paraded around the city. To celebrate this event, children dress as royalty during the holiday.

Purim - Israeli Soldier Costume for Boys

Israeli Soldier Costume for Boys

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Purim - Jolly Purim Costume for Boys

Jolly Purim Costume for Boys

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Purim - Hatzolah Rescuer Costume for Boys

Hatzolah Rescuer Costume for Boys

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Masquerading is a big part of Purim. In fact, this holiday is often called the Jewish Mardi Gras. In addition to honoring Mordechai, Jews also dress up in costumes or masks to commemorate the fact that in ancient times they had to disguise themselves as non-Jews in order to survive. Masquerading is also a way to make everyone equal for a day—there are no real kings or queens because everyone looks like one.

Our kingly robes and costumes are perfect for a young boy who is dressing up for a Purim party or to go to synagogue. He can wear a bright velvety cape, a crown, and even carry a scepter. When your boy wears one of our king costumes he will remind everyone of the story of Mordechai and Esther.

Purim is a time for celebration, and dressing up is one of the most fun ways children can participate. This Purim, get your boy a costume fit for a king.

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