Power Rangers

Your boy will feel like he really morphed when he puts on one of our boy's Power Ranger costumes. They're right out of this long running, popular kid's show, but scaled down for boys. Whether he loves the red, blue, yellow, or green Power Ranger, he's sure to find just the right costume for Halloween or playtime. This show, in various forms, has been running for twenty years and many kids have grown up wishing they could be a Power Ranger. Each of the many series is about a small group of young people who get recruited to join a team that fights evil. They each get a colored suit and gain special powers that they use in their battles against aliens.

Power Rangers - Power Rangers Megaforce Blaster

Power Rangers Megaforce Blaster

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From the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in 1993 to the more recent series like Power Rangers Samurai and Megaforce, the shows and characters have captured the imaginations of kids everywhere. Give your boy the opportunity to play as his favorite Power Ranger with one of these costumes. Not only do they look just like the characters, but many have muscle padding too. The padding is on the torso and arms and will make your boy look super strong and ripped. It's perfect for making him feel like a superhero who can really save the world. He'll love pretending to fight the Nighloks or the Warstars when he puts on his Power Rangers costume and picks up the related accessories.

Give your boy the chance to imagine he's saving the world by getting him any of our many Power Rangers boy's costumes and accessories in his favorite Ranger colors.

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