Sneak through dark alleyways and scale buildings in a breeze. You'll be the most terrifying thing going bump in the night when you wear one of our boy's Ninja costumes. Our selection can satisfy any fierce fighter, whether you're searching for your favorite Saturday morning cartoon character or a show-stopping original outfit. You'll be able to take out the Warstar when you suit up as a Megaforce Power Ranger. Future leaders can take after Tony and become the Red Ranger. Technophiles will be able to do all the tinkering they was in our Blue Ranger suit. If you can be a little forgetful sometimes, turn into the Robo Knight and everyone will know why.

Ninjas - Boys Stealth Ninja Costume

Boys Stealth Ninja Costume

Our Price: $18.99
In Stock
Ninjas - Child Zombie Ninja Costume

Child Zombie Ninja Costume

Our Price: $39.99
Out of Stock
Ninjas - Stealth Ninja Boys Costume Kit

Stealth Ninja Boys Costume Kit

Our Price: $27.99
In Stock
Ninjas - Kids' Ninja 2nd Skin Costume

Kids' Ninja 2nd Skin Costume

Our Price: $29.99
In Stock

Maybe you prefer to stroll through the sewers of NYC. Join the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and you'll be ready for some shelltastic action. We have the whole gang, letting you become Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo, or Raphael. You'll be so tough in your shell, mask, and armor that Shredder won't stand a chance. Make up your own back story when you wear any of our great original costumes. You'll light up the night in our LED-powered Fire Master outfit, and let everyone see the fear on your enemy's face when you become a stylish Mirror Ninja. It will be the year of the dragon when you wear one of our many dragon-decorated suits, disguising you in deadly blacks and blazing reds.

Free candy is always great, but walking from house to house can get pretty tiring. Wear any of these great ninja boy's costumes for Halloween and trick-or-treating will be a breeze! Order your favorite today, or someone might steal your favorite right out from under your nose.

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