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Sick of wearing the same old costumes year after year? Well you're in luck—we've got a massive selection of costumes that are New for 2016! Take a look and you'll find all you favorite classics and characters, whether you're hoping to be a cool futuristic ninja, a terrifying killer, or a beloved superhero. You're sure to grow up into a teenager with attitude when you wear one of our Power Rangers: Megaforce costumes. We have all your favorites, from the strong and loyal Red Ranger to the techno-savvy Blue Ranger. Feel like skipping right to the robot action? Become the Robo Knight and you'll be the strongest warrior around.

New Arrivals - Dawn of Justice Batman Children's Costume

Dawn of Justice Batman Children's Costume

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More a comics kind of boy? Whether you align with Marvel or DC, have plenty of options for you to choose from. Join the Avengers when you have JARVIS put on your Iron Man suit, or make the front page of the Daily Bugle as the amazing Spider-Man. Want to take down Lex Luther? Become and you'll be saving Metropolis in no time.

If you want something a little different, take a look at our original costumes. We have a multitude of cool ninjas for you to pick from, ranging from space-age assassins like our Mirror Ninja to our freaky 2nd Skin suit that will make you vanish in any shadow. Future neurologists should check out our mad scientists, and jokesters will really knock 'em dead as a crazy killer clown.

You don't have to pull that musty pirate costume out of the closet this year. Just browse through our New 2016 choices and you're bound to find something great! Don't wait to order your favorite, or it might sell out before you can get your hands on it.

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