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Cool fights, amazing powers, awesome outfits—who wouldn't want to be a superhero? Join the ranks of Wolverine and Deadpool when you put on one of our boy's Marvel Comics costumes for Halloween this year! All of these amazing outfits are sure to make you look good enough to be any front page. You'll be ready for some web-slinging action when you're wearing a Spiderman suit. Be the star of your very own meme when you slip on the standard suit, or wear an ultimate outfit to remind everyone that with great power comes great responsibility. Want to show Doc Oc how it's done? Become the Iron Spider and you'll have your own mechanical legs.

Marvel Comics - Amazing Spider-Man 2 Kids Costume

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Kids Costume

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Marvel Comics - Boys Classic Thor Avengers Costume

Boys Classic Thor Avengers Costume

Our Price: $22.99
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If you have trouble with the suit, just visit Tony Stark and have him fix it up. While you're there, you can put on any of his Iron Man outfits, whether you're looking for his traditional outfit or wanna give the new Mark 42 a go. Feeling that American spirit? Put on the Patriot get-up and you'll be a real war machine. Show off your godlike skills when you come to the party as Thor. Not quite as muscular as a Norse warrior? Don't worry about it—our padded suits will make it look like you could take out any Frost Giant. If Loki ends up getting on your nerves, you can Hulk it out and beat up that puny god. When the fight gets you tired, find some ice and take a nice, long nap as Captain America.

Everyone dreams of having superpowers and taking out wicked evil-doers. Live all all your fantasies when you suit up in these cool Marvel comics costumes for boys this Halloween and you're sure to have an epic time! Get your favorite today—you never know when these deals will be discontinued.

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