Everyone dreams of traveling around the world and seeing dozens of exotic countries. This Halloween, take an imaginary trip around the world while you scan through our many boy's International costumes. From the Far East to the West Coast, we have the outfits to make you fit in anywhere. Hop a plane and start your journey when you visit Mexico. You might be a little warm in your poncho and hat, but once you get a taste of the food and see gorgeous sunset, you'll never want to leave. Eventually you'll need to get on board so you can fly to California. Enjoy a tour through the City of Angels, but make sure to keep an eye out—you might run into Zorro, suited up in his iconic bandito outfit.

International - Child Inflatable Sumo Costume

Child Inflatable Sumo Costume

Our Price: $34.99
In Stock
International - Joseph Boy's Costume

Joseph Boy's Costume

Our Price: $39.97
In Stock
International - Mexican Poncho Child's Costume

Mexican Poncho Child's Costume

Our Price: $19.99
In Stock
International - Silver Mirror Ninja Costume for Kids

Silver Mirror Ninja Costume for Kids

Our Price: $29.99
In Stock
International - Pharaoh Child Costume

Pharaoh Child Costume

Our Price: $31.97
In Stock
International - Bandito Costume for Boys

Bandito Costume for Boys

Our Price: $79.99
In Stock
International - Barbarian Destroyer Boys' Costume

Barbarian Destroyer Boys' Costume

Our Price: $16.99
In Stock
International - Rabbi Kids Costume

Rabbi Kids Costume

Our Price: $19.97
Out of Stock

After you've gotten your fill of LA, soar over to the Land of the Rising sun and take a stab at Sumo. We've got an inflatable outfit to bulk you up fast, so you don't have to stuff yourself full of tempura and rice. Careful when you walk around those corners, or you might get beaten up by a ninja while he's out on a mission. With his black suit and black baklava, you'll never see him coming.

Once you're done there head over to Italy so you can visit Christopher Columbus' hometown. Dress up like him and you're sure to have a successful trip (even if you get a little lost). If you need some travel advice, sail over to Iceland and find a couple of Vikings. With so much experience behind them they're bound to know some great tourist spots. When you're ready to go home just pull a Lief Ericson and take a ship to America.

When you get back, you'll need to start scrapbooking so you can always remember the wonderful time you had. Make sure you order one of our boy's International costumes for Halloween so you can relive all those great memories in October!

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