The farming is done, the deer is cooking, and you have nothing to do but sit around the teepee. Why not hang out with some of your friends wearing these boy's Indian Costumes? Whether you're looking for a great look for Halloween hunt or a nice get-up to meet the pilgrims at Thanksgiving, these outfits are the way to do it. Protect the tribe when you pull on these comfortable get-ups, all of them decorated with long fringe and cool beaded patterns. You won't need to worry about getting cold while you're out fishing—the long sleeves and pants will keep you warm in the chillest of river banks. If you've moved to the plains and need some camo while you search for buffalo, we've got you covered there too. The light brown faux-suede material will make you blend in with all those tall grasses.

Indians - Child's Indian Costume

Child's Indian Costume

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Indians - Frontier Man Costume for Boys

Frontier Man Costume for Boys

Our Price: $33.29
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Indians - Warrior Male Costume for Boys

Warrior Male Costume for Boys

Our Price: $26.99
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Indians - Indian Scout Costume for Toddler

Indian Scout Costume for Toddler

Our Price: $17.99
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There might be a time where you need to fend off some pushy settlers or loud-mouthed cowboys. There are a plethora of weapons for you to take to battle, from bows and arrows to spears to tomahawks. When you're victorious you can come back home and celebrate around the bonfire with a cool drum. Feel like swapping war stories? Grab a peace pipe and everyone will listen to you. If you're looking for a little extra pizazz to impress that cute girl next door, get a feather headdress to look like you're the man in charge.

You might need to be up at sunrise tomorrow, but everyone needs to party every now and again. Suit up for Halloween in these great Native American costumes for boys and you're sure to be the coolest one at the powwow. Order your favorite today, or you might never make it to the bonfire.

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