Our boy's humorous costumes can crack a smile even on the nastiest of ghouls. Part of being a child is enjoying the funnier sides of life. Growing up means responsibilities and all sorts of nasty things. What good is that? Funny outfits help ensure that your child remains as youthfully laughable for as long as possible. When Halloween rolls around this year, let your child dress to impress with our boy's humorous outfit.

Humorous - Sand Shark Costume for Boys

Sand Shark Costume for Boys

Our Price: $28.79
Out of Stock
Humorous - Boy's Zombie Banana

Boy's Zombie Banana

Our Price: $26.97
Out of Stock
Humorous - Boys Chicken Hoopster Costume

Boys Chicken Hoopster Costume

Our Price: $35.99
Out of Stock
Humorous - Childrens Rubber Chicken Costume

Childrens Rubber Chicken Costume

Our Price: $31.99
Out of Stock

Laughter is an essential part of life. Raising your child with the ideal that laughter fits into even the darkest of holidays could be one of the best lessons you leave them. Instead of stressing over the detail of your costume or the price tag, you focus on the enjoyment you get out of it. Whether your child has a smile that slays or a laugh that enlightens, he will tickle the funny bone of everyone that sees him all dressed up and ready to trick or treat.

All of our funny costumes for kids are G-rated and appropriate for any Halloween party, even the ones at school. Plus, you'll be tickled pink by the price. From start to finish, we want you to love every minute of Halloween so shop with us today.

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