Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of the best Halloween you've ever had. Make it a night that will go down in the history books when you wear any of these great boy's Historical and Patriotic costumes this year. In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue...you'll take a trip back to America's infancy when you suit up as Christopher Columbus, and be able to populate this strange new world with all your Pilgrim buddies. They'll need to be dressed in the latest of Colonial fashion, of course, decking them out in frills and knickers. You'll need to be careful, though—you've impeded on the Native Americans, and if you don't look out you might get surprised by a very angry Running Bull.

Historic/Patriotic - Colonial Costume for Boys

Colonial Costume for Boys

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Historic/Patriotic - Confederate Officer Boys' Costume

Confederate Officer Boys' Costume

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Historic/Patriotic - Child's Uncle Sam Costume

Child's Uncle Sam Costume

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Historic/Patriotic - Frontier Man Costume for Boys

Frontier Man Costume for Boys

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Historic/Patriotic - Child Teddy Roosevelt Costume

Child Teddy Roosevelt Costume

Our Price: $44.99
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When it's time to get yourself free of those pushy Englishmen, consult with Benjamin Franklin and get that Declaration of Independence written up. You'll need someone to rally the people together, and who's a better candidate than George Washington? With his leadership skills and dashing good looks, he's sure to capture anyone's heart. After you've gotten through all that rough business with the Tories, you'll need to help your own people figure out their differences. Take office as Abraham Lincoln and you'll be ready to help your country through its growing pains. Some fights can't be avoided, though, and it seems like Robert E. Lee is gathering up his forces. Better buckle down for a long ride.

The USA is a young country, but we've had a full and intricate past stuffed to busting with intrigue, passion, and courageous men and women. Boys can celebrate that rich history this Halloween when they wear one of our great costumes to the party! Recycle them later for Columbus Day, President's Day, Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.

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