Your parents insist that you coordinate for Halloween, but they never like the outfits you pick out. You won't have to worry about another argument this year—just take a look at these great group costumes for boys and you're sure to find something for everyone to love! Superheroes big and small an get in on the action with our comics get-ups. Lead a whole team of pint-sized Avengers as the rough-and-tumble Thor or sarcastic Iron Man, and you'll be able to beat up your older brother when he dresses up like Loki. Do you like your heroes less immortal and more mutant? Put on our Ninja Turtles outfits and you'll have the whole gang ready to take out the Shredder.

Think nothing is better than a long afternoon of cartoons? Take a look at our TV and movie groups and you're bound to find a hit. Start the search for the Fountain of Truth as Jack Sparrow and run a whole ship of Pirates of the Caribbean. If you get frustrated looking for it, just take a turn at the first star on your left and escape to Neverland as Peter Pan. When you get hungry you can grab Woody from Toy Story and head over to Pizza Planet for a good meal. Hijack one of their space ships so you can soar to Tatooine in any of our Star Wars get-ups. Gamers are sure to get a high score for the costume competition when they come in as a video game group. Show up as an Angry Bird and make all those bacon-lovers seethe. Want something more classic? Go on the hunt for Princess Peach as Mario or Luigi and you're sure to have everyone going, "Wahoo!"

You might have had trouble finding what to wear in past years, but that's all going to change now that you've found us. Suit up in any of our group costumes for Halloween and you're sure to have a great night! Order yours today, or someone might steal your favorite right from under your fingertips.

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