Angry gods and rich kings, bloody wars and terrible monsters—it's easy to understand why little boys love Greco-roman stories. With so much blood, guts, and glory, they're veritable gold mines for all pint-sized adventurers. Turn playtime into an epic affair when you get him one of these boy's Greek and Roman costumes this Halloween. You know your tyke is tougher than any ancient warrior. Let him try his hand in the Coliseum as a rough-and-tumble gladiator and he's sure to come home victorious.

Greek/Roman - Kids Roman Gladiator Costume

Kids Roman Gladiator Costume

Our Price: $42.29
In Stock
Greek/Roman - Roman Costume for Boys

Roman Costume for Boys

Our Price: $17.99
Out of Stock
Greek/Roman - Kid's Gladiator Hercules Costume

Kid's Gladiator Hercules Costume

Our Price: $30.59
In Stock
Greek/Roman - Boys Roman Soldier Costume

Boys Roman Soldier Costume

Our Price: $17.99
Out of Stock

We have plenty of amazing costumes for him to choose from, all of them covering him with brilliant armor, sturdy faux-leather, and shining gold and silver. He'll be so happy when he puts it on that he'll give you two thumbs up. Do you feel like your son is at least a little bit better than all those other boys? Show it off when you suit him up as a burly Hercules. The Hydra won't be a problem for him when he's wearing his pleather tunic, long cape, and weathered armor. Make sure he's armed with a sword and shield and he'll be ready to sore to Mount Olympus on the Pegasus—just tell him to look out for any roving Titans.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians is proof enough that any little kid will go crazy over ancient myths. Help him get his Greek on with our great Greco-roman costumes and you'll make this Halloween a legendary event. Order yours today, or these deals will become a thing of the past.

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