Halloween is the time for all sorts of spooks to be about, especially the ones that have a penchant for blood guts. Fit in with the festivities when you wear any one of our boy's Gothic costumes this year. All of these gory get-ups look like something out of your worst nightmares, and are sure to make you scarier than any crazy serial killer. Have their life flashing before their eyes when they see you in our monstrous Medieval ensembles.

Gothic - Midnight Count Costume for Boys

Midnight Count Costume for Boys

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No one will want to get on your bad side if you show up as a creepy executioner, especially not when you're dragging your still-bloody ax behind you. After all, one bad comment and it'll be their heads on the chopping block. If you really hate hugs, keep all your relatives back when you turn into the Grim Reaper and they won't want to lay a hand on you.

Are you a more on the adventurous side? Sail the high seas in a Pirate Skull Hoodie and you'll look like part of Barbossa's crew. If you're looking to follow in Dr. Frankenstein's footsteps, get your Ph.D. in biology and start your own medical practice as a mad scientist. With everything you'll discover about neurology, you're sure to make some great contributions to your field...there just might be a few casualties along the way.

There's nothing too gross or bloody for Halloween. Go all out when you get one of these stomach-turning Gothic costumes for boys and you'll have everyone shaking in their boots. Order them today, or your favorite might be slashed from our list forever.

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