Everyone has dreamed of robbing a bank at some point, but the looming idea of jail usually stops the thought dead. Rather than risk a truly horrifying shootout with the cops, our boy's gangster costumes offer your child a chance to dress the part of a 1940's mobster. From the shoes to the hat, everything about his Halloween costume will recreate the authenticity of a true mobster.

Gangsters - Child's Gangster Costume

Child's Gangster Costume

Our Price: $35.99
In Stock
Gangsters - Child's 20's Gangster Costume

Child's 20's Gangster Costume

Our Price: $29.99
Out of Stock
Gangsters - Jumbo Muscle Boy's Scareface Costume

Jumbo Muscle Boy's Scareface Costume

Our Price: $40.45
Out of Stock

Gangsters are free-spirited, charismatic, stylish, and larger-than-life, making them perfect for Halloween costumes. All of our zoot suits try to capture the true essence of the thrilling life of gangsters. Of course, we do not condone raising your child in the gangster world. That would only lead to all sorts of trouble and a closet full of expensive suits. We only want to offer your child a chance of looking like a notorious mobster.

Halloween is about enjoying the fantasies that are kept up inside your mind. If your child has ever shown some enjoyment of the gangster lifestyle, let them live it out for a night. They will appreciate the sophistication, the classiness, and the historical sensations of being a mobster. All of our gangster costumes for kids turn your good boy bad but only for a day.

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