Hidden treasure and roaming thieves, grand palaces and magic genies—with so much action and adventure, what little boy wouldn't love Arabian stories? He'll look like he stepped right out of 1001 Nights when he dresses up in these boy's Egyptian and Arabian Costumes for Halloween. Forget Aladdin—he'll be the toughest street rat around when he suits up as Dastan from The Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. This outfit is full of silver and gold plates befitting any royal heir, and will make him look tough enough to take down Nazim. If he happens to be a little clumsy, he can use his dagger to turn back time and avoid breaking your favorite vase.

Egyptian/Arabian - Pharaoh Child Costume

Pharaoh Child Costume

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If that doesn't do it for him, let him build his own costume out of any of our great accessories. Arm him with a turban and cutlass so he can look just like Sinbad, making him ready to seize all the gold he can get his hands on. If he's a little more classy than that, give him a cape and gold jewelry so he can take his turn as the sultan. Make sure he looks out for those sneaky viziers—they're pretty tricky sometimes. Your little man can be anything he can dream of on Halloween. Give him some great Arabian nights when you dress him up in these cool Egyptian costumes in October.

Order your favorite today! Mummies, Pharaohs and other Egyptian costumes for boys are hot commodities for the spooky season, and someone might steal it faster than you can say "Open sesame."

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