Do you remember those long nights playing Pong, listening to the new David Bowie album and rocking that hot feathered 'do? Of course you do! Help your little guy feel some of that 70s magic with these boy's Disco costumes. Let him put one on for Halloween and he'll be dancing to the Bee Gees in no time.Tiny fans of Saturday Night Fever will love our classic disco costume, suiting him up in the bright white suit and black shirt made famous by John Travolta. Put him in this mini-show stopper and he'll look right at home underneath that glittering disco ball.

Disco - Child Disco Fever 70s Costume

Child Disco Fever 70s Costume

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Want something a little more contemporary, but still maintaining that 70s flair? Have him trick-or-treating Gangnam Style in a Korean Pop Star outfit, outfitting him in a bright blue blazer and cool sunglasses. He'll look better than PSI as he struts from house to house, even when he gets caught up in a spontaneous dance-off. You might get complaints from class, though—he's sure to call everyone "Sexy Lady." If he's more into heavy beats than groovy themes, have him go back to R&B's roots when he dresses up as a Hip Hop Star. He'd made Grandmaster Flash jealous with this cool red vest and cap with dreads. Suit him up and he'll be ready to host his own block party.

The 70s might be long gone, but it seems like they happened yesterday. Share that nostalgia with your little man when you get him one of these disco costumes for Halloween. Don't wait to order your favorite—get it today and your sure to get all these funky deals.

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