Well howdy there, pardner. I don't suppose you seen any no-good varmints wandering around these parts? No? Ah, well. I suppose I'll stop a minute and explain these here boy's cowboy costumes to you. You do look like an honest boy, an' I see a bit of myself in you, if you don't mind me saying. You can go for a good ol' fashion look like I'm wearing here. These sheriff costumes sure are nice, what with their long dusters and shiny badges. I prefer to keep mine on my chest—lets 'em know who they're talking to, and you need to be real clear with some of these characters. You can't head out on the range without a hat what for to keep the sun outta your eyes. Who knows when Billy the Kid will come charging at you from behind some saloon? A sheriff's gotta be prepared at all times.

Cowboys - Small Child Quality Woody Costume

Small Child Quality Woody Costume

Our Price: $17.09
In Stock
Cowboys - Renegade Boys' Rawhide Costume

Renegade Boys' Rawhide Costume

Our Price: $44.09
In Stock
Cowboys - Child's Old West Sheriff Costume

Child's Old West Sheriff Costume

Our Price: $29.69
In Stock

If you look up to Woody from that tall tale Toy Story, you can dress up as him instead. Any cowboy would be jealous of that cowhide vest and giant buckle, and he sure does have some swell jeans. Now maybe you're a bit rougher with them law-breakers than I am—I ain't gonna judge you, no sir—and you like a more final approach. You can always suit up as a Gravedigger Sheriff and take care o' those robbers once 'n for all. Any man would turn into a yellow-bellied snivler if he saw you comin' for them with your skull head and giant shovel.

Well, look at that. I think I saw my thieving friend run just behind that there corner store. If you'll pardon me, I'm gonna take care of business. Do be sure to get your kids' cowboy costumes now, or they might not be here when you come back, y'hear?

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