Clone Wars

Does your little man ever dream of having a brother or two? How about thousands? Give him the biggest family he can have when he suits up in a boy's Clone Wars costume this Halloween. We have plenty of outfits for all of Jango Fett's clones, providing many choices for any itty-bitty fan of Star Wars. If he's always danced to the beat of a different drummer, let him come to the Halloween party as Rex. He's sure to listen to everything you say...even if he gives you a little bit of backtalk beforehand. Let him watch all his little cousins as Commander Cody and he'll have the house in tip-top shape when you're ready to leave. Does he seem too smart for his age? Dress him up as boy's ARF Trooper costume and you'll know why (careful, though—he'll probably find all that candy you hid).

Clone Wars - Boy's Clone Trooper Costume

Boy's Clone Trooper Costume

Our Price: $28.99
In Stock
Clone Wars - Child Art Trooper Clone Wars Costume

Child Art Trooper Clone Wars Costume

Our Price: $36.99
In Stock
Clone Wars - Child's Clone Trooper Deluxe Costume

Child's Clone Trooper Deluxe Costume

Our Price: $64.79
In Stock

Jedis are pretty cool, but everyone knows the bad guys are the best. Let your little man get a little mischievous as Cad Bane and he'll be raking in the cash while he causes mayhem. Is he a good kid, but somehow always gets stuck in the wrong crowd? Let him suit up as Vizsla or a standard Clone Trooper and he'll be forgiven fast.

Any only child knows that playing on your own can get lonely sometimes. He'll have plenty of buddies to horse around with when he wears any of these Clone Wars costumes for kids this year. Order yours today, or these deals might vanish faster than you can say "Order 66."

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