If the words "Halloween party" make your wallet cry, you should probably bring that thing to a testing facility because there's some strange business going on there. In the meantime you can scan through any of these great boy's clearance costumes and find an outfit to keep your little man looking stylish without breaking the bank. We have all his favorite characters, from broody Superboy in Young Justice to Bakugan's fiery Dan. Fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender can suit up as Aang to protect the world from the Fire Nation or take on Prince Zuko's alter ego, The Blue Spirit. Growing gamers will love our Prince of Persia and Scribblenauts outfits, while comic fans can join the Green Lantern Corp as Tomar Re or Kilowag.

Clearance - Minion Kevin Costume for Boys

Minion Kevin Costume for Boys

Our Price: $18.99
In Stock
Clearance - Muscle Chest Batman Kids Costume

Muscle Chest Batman Kids Costume

Our Price: $24.99
In Stock
Clearance - Boy's Max Steel Costume

Boy's Max Steel Costume

Our Price: $9.99
In Stock
Clearance -

Our Price: $11.99
In Stock
Clearance - Minion Dracula Costume for Boys

Minion Dracula Costume for Boys

Our Price: $16.99
In Stock

Is he more into high-tech robots and giant explosions? We have plenty of Transformers getups for fans of the devious Iron Hide or noble Optimus Prime. Speed-demons can race into the party wearing any of our Cars costumes, while curious explorers can soar into space as Wall-E. If he just likes space, let him check out our many Star Wars outfits. Clone troopers can serve the Sith in full-armor, and bounty hunters can hang out with Bobafet and Cad Bane. Not quite sure if you're little guy is good or evil? Let him suit up as Annikin or Vizla and let him decide.

Of course, we have the tried and true favorites, like quick-draw sheriffs and out-of-this-world astronauts. Fans of DaVinci can visit their idol in as a Renaissance Peasant Boy, and little rockers can steal the show dressed up like Elvis or Gene Simmons. They'll fit right in on The Walking Dead with any of our zombie outfits, or get ready for some wild fun as a penguin or turkey.

Don't worry about being able to afford a costume this year. With so many steeply discounted outfits, choosing will be a breeze. Just be sure to order your favorite today—you never know when these will vanish into the warehouse forever.

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