So, your son loved Marvel's The Avengers. It's not surprising. Everybody loved it. It was amazing. With the new surge of incredibly popular superhero movies coming out, you're guaranteed to see a lot of superhero costumes on parade this Halloween. If your little guy wants to get in on the fun, check out the boys Avengers costumes. We've got styles for Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, and even Spider-Man, who wasn't in the movie, but is a member of the Avengers in the comic books. He can wear any one of these heroes himself, but it would be even cooler if he has a group of friends who can wear the other ones, so they can be all of the Avengers together. Hopefully he knows a girl who can be Black Widow, so they can have the whole team. And if one wants to dress as Loki, they can stage some fun battles while they're out trick or treating.

Avengers - Child Classic Ultimate Spiderman Costume

Child Classic Ultimate Spiderman Costume

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Avengers - Avengers Boys Hulk Costume

Avengers Boys Hulk Costume

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Every costume has its own unique flair, and needs its own individual accessories in order to be the best that it can be. Iron Man is nothing without his repulsor beam gloves, just like Thor is nothing without his mighty hammer. Get some Hulk hands to be the Incredible Hulk, and Captain America's shield to finish his iconic look. Each of the styles could work without their accessories, but with all of the competition out there to have the best costumes, these pieces could be the difference between a good ones, and a great ones.

Save the world in style this Halloween, with your very own boy's Avengers costume!

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