Animal costumes are a popular choice every year, no matter the age of the wearer. They can be used for humor, for becoming the mascot of their favorite sports team, or just because they happen to really like that animal. Get your son the best animal outfit out there this Halloween, with one of our boys' animal costumes. From monkeys to dogs, and everything in between, we have a large amount of animal styles for boys to dress up in. He can take his pick of a Clifford the Big Red Dog costume, or a turkey suit on Halloween. A penguin costume in the winter time is a great choice, especially if your son is going sledding or having a snowball fight. These selections are super fun, and will be wildly popular when he's out trick or treating or at a Halloween party.

Animals - Boy's Fire-Breathing Dragon Costume

Boy's Fire-Breathing Dragon Costume

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Animals - Plush Raptor Costume for Boys

Plush Raptor Costume for Boys

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Animals - Sand Shark Costume for Boys

Sand Shark Costume for Boys

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A gorilla suit is a common sight at a party these days. If your friend wears this, and gets a friend to dress as a banana, then the two of them will have an excellent costume duo that's sure to be a laugh riot. A Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat costume is another popular one, especially if he can get Thing One and Thing Two to join him. There are plenty of group options, or other individual costumes like dinosaurs and cows, which will be great for either scaring his friends or making them laugh when he moos loudly.

Help your son let his animal instincts loose this Halloween, with an awesome boy's animal costume!

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