Angry Birds

The mobile gaming sensation that's been sweeping the nation is here this Halloween. Get your son one of our amazing Angry Birds Costumes for boys, and he'll look just like one of the heroic, feathered protagonists from the fun game. In the game, a group of colorful birds have their precious eggs stolen by a bunch of mean green pigs. The game is played by launching the birds off of a catapult, to destroy the evil pigs and reclaim the birds' eggs. This game is so simple that everybody from young children to adults can successfully play it, which is why it has become so insanely popular. And because of its popularity, one of these costumes is guaranteed to be an immediate hit.

Angry Birds - Boy Black Angry Birds Costume

Boy Black Angry Birds Costume

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The costumes are made up of a large pull over torso piece, that looks just like the birds. We've got one for each bird, so your son can pick his favorite one to dress as. Each one has a unique ability, which allows them to more effectively fight the pigs, and gives the player a unique challenge in trying to solve the puzzle that each level presents. We have Birds costumes from the original series, and we also have some from the later iterations of the game, like Star Wars Angry Birds. These expansions to the game have been wildly popular as well, so if your son is a bigger fan of one of those than he is of the original, then these costumes may be more his style.

Help your son get angry and get his eggs back this Halloween, with one of our boy's Angry Birds costumes!

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