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It's clear that you miss the glory days of disco. If you've gotten your son interested in the genre as well, then one of our amazing Boys 70's Costumes is definitely the costume for him this Halloween. He'll look just like the groovy men of the era did, with his black and white suit and his gold chains. The disco era was something of a strange time for fashion, and many people are happy that those styles no longer exist. But these costumes are perfect for nostalgia or humor, so your son will definitely have one of the more popular costumes at his Halloween party. He had better brush up on his dance moves, because they are expected when you wear a disco costume. He could check out Saturday Night Fever if he needs some inspiration.

70's Costumes - Child Disco Fever 70s Costume

Child Disco Fever 70s Costume

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70's Costumes - KISS Demon Deluxe Boy's Costume

KISS Demon Deluxe Boy's Costume

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Another thing the 70's were famous for is the prevalence is big metal bands. Bands like KISS ruled the scene, and if your son wants to emulate them, we can help. We have plenty of KISS costumes and masks, in addition to prop instruments so your guy can look like a member of the band. If his friends are fans too, they can have a KISS group costume that is guaranteed to make them a huge hit this Halloween. The accessories are super important for these 70's costumes to have the full effect, so make sure you check out everything we have to offer.

Help your son have a groovy Halloween this year, with an awesome 70's costume!

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