60's Costumes

The 1960's was a pretty crazy decade, full of young people espousing their belief in peace and love, while wearing some brightly colored, floral patterned clothes. If your son is a big fan of the way people dressed back then, check out our supply of Boys' 60's Costumes. We've got everything you'll need to help your son look just like he came right out of the era. Floral pants, a floral vest, and a white shirt make up the costume. If he has female friends who also want to dress as hippies, they'll have a group costume that will encourage everybody they meet to pursue peace, love, and understanding. The hippies were an incredibly important of the culture in that era, so let your son dress as one and learn more about the way things were.

60's Costumes - Child Hippie Costume

Child Hippie Costume

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With a hippie costume, you could go as minimalistic or over the top as your want. We have shoes, costume jewelry, wigs, and anything else you could possibly need, to help your son become a hippie. Or if he wants to stick with just the costume, the hippies were known to walk around barefoot, and keep things simple. They eschewed material possessions, opting instead for a lifestyle of peace and free love. If this is something your son finds interesting, then a minimalistic hippie costume could be the perfect costume for him this Halloween.

Help your son show his friends the meaning of peace and love, with his awesome 60's costume!

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