The undead is a popular horror theme these days, so add zombie accessories and makeup to some torn and tattered clothing to create a terrifying look. You'll look like you clawed your way out of the grave and are walking the Earth looking for brains to eat.The modern horror version of the zombie originated in the 1968 classic, Night of the Living Dead. Although the concept had been around for centuries, this was the first time zombie hordes lumbered around killing and infecting people. Since then there have been scores of popular movies, books, and TV shows about these horrifying undead people.

Zombies - Adult Zombie Undead Feet

Adult Zombie Undead Feet

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Zombies - Glowing Radioactive Syringe

Glowing Radioactive Syringe

Our Price: $8.97
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Zombies - Zombie Hunter Set Adult

Zombie Hunter Set Adult

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Zombies - Zombie Family Character Kit

Zombie Family Character Kit

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Zombies - Zombie Decay

Zombie Decay

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Zombies - Green Zombie Ooze

Green Zombie Ooze

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Zombies - Zombie Face Tattoo

Zombie Face Tattoo

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Zombies - Latex Pint in Bottle

Latex Pint in Bottle

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They are a very popular costume to wear for Halloween, parties, or on a zombie walk. Zombie walks occur in cities around the world and feature people dressed as zombies parading down the street, often to raise money for charity. There are zombie costumes, but it's the accessories that will make the look perfect. Wear tattered or bloodstained clothing and the right makeup and prosthetics for a complete and realistic look that will scary anyone who sees you.

We carry all the makeup you need. There's kits and individual tubes to make your skin look dead and rotting. Wear prosthetics like latex bite marks and rot as well as to give you rotting teeth, nails, hands, and even feet. Cover yourself with plenty of fake blood and even put a blood capsule in your mouth so you can bite down on it anytime and have the red liquid ooze from between your lips. Some of the kits come with detailed instructions so you can learn to do professional quality makeup.

If you want to look like you've risen from the grave, our zombie accessories will make you look dead and rotting. Get everything you need for the most realistic zombie costumes.

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