You can't be a princess or a fairy without a tiara and wand accessory to go with your outfit. Pick one of each from our large selection and your girl—or you—will have the prettiest costume. Whether it's for a Disney princess or a fairy with wings, a tiara and wand will make the look complete. A tiara can be the most sparkly part of a costume. Princess tiaras come in lots of different colors and styles, so there's always one to match the dress. They have faux gemstones and pearls, shiny sequins, and even organza and marabou trim. They range from whimsical to elegant, flashy to subtle. And, of course, there's one for each Disney princess, complete with a cameo on the front.

Tiaras/Wands - Deluxe Cat in the Hat Ear Headband

Deluxe Cat in the Hat Ear Headband

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Tiaras/Wands - Adult Black Feathered Sequin Tiara

Adult Black Feathered Sequin Tiara

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Wands are another nice touch for a princess. There's one to match each Disney Princess tiara and costume. There are plenty of other ones too, decorated with ribbons, bows, tinsel, sequins, and faux gems. Fairies need wands to do their magic, so make sure you get one for the costume. There are also tiaras for flapper girls and socialites. Flappers get lots of sequins and tall feather plumes. Socialites can wear rhinestones that will make them look like the wealthiest of the upper class. Either way, the tiara will make the costume look complete. Wands are not just for princesses. Harry Potter and his wizard friends need to carry wands, and we have several that look like real wood. Kings need scepters, and there are several regal ones that are suitable for royalty.

Get a wand and tiara accessory for any princess or fairy costume and you'll have a magical look that will charm and delight everyone who sees you or your girl.

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