The Man of Steel doesn't use gadgets or tools, but there are still a few Superman accessories to consider when putting together your costume. Superman is known for his amazing strength and his charming good looks. So why not really try to dress like him from head to toe? Superman was born on the planet Krypton. His given name was Kal-El and he was launched into space by his father just before the planet exploded. His space ship crashed in Kansas and he was raised by a couple who lived on a farm. As Clark Kent, he discovered he had super powers. He grew up, moved to the city of Metropolis, and became a mild mannered reporter for a newspaper. As Superman, he fought crime and super villains like Lex Luthor and Brainiac.

Superman - Adult Wolverine Superhero Claws

Adult Wolverine Superhero Claws

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Superman - Vinyl Adult Superman Wig

Vinyl Adult Superman Wig

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Superman - Vinyl Deluxe Child Superman Wig

Vinyl Deluxe Child Superman Wig

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Superman - Foam Superman Bendable Steel Rod

Foam Superman Bendable Steel Rod

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Superman - Superman Candy Holding Statue

Superman Candy Holding Statue

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Superman is also a cultural icon. He was the very first comic book superhero and the star of many movies and TV shows. He's also one of the most recognizable characters. Superman costumes are incredibly popular among adults and children of all ages. They are typical very simple, too, and consist mostly of a jumpsuit and cape. The vinyl Superman wig is an accessory you can add to your costume for an extra touch. This black wig gives you his classic look, complete with the little curl on the forehead. Superman is almost always depicted as looking flawless, and this wig will help you achieve that look. Hide your own hair underneath it and have the perfect Superman hair. The Superman bendable steel bar is a fun prop that lets you show off your super strength. The bar is actually soft, but it's silver colored and looks like a real piece of steel. If you grimace a little and look like you're struggling a bit it will be very convincing as you bend it.

Get Superman accessories like a vinyl wig and bendable steel bar to make a great superhero costume even better.

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