Fight crime and save the day with superhero accessories to enhance your costume. From Captain America's shield to Batman's utility belt to Wonder Woman's bullet-stopping arm bands, there's an accessory to go with any superhero costume. Many superheroes rely on gadgets and gizmos. Batman has a tool belt with grappling hooks, batarangs, and all kinds of items he uses when out saving Gotham City. Other superheros have items that are the source of their power, like the Green Lantern and his ring. Others, like Thor and his hammer or Captain America and his shield, have a piece of equipment that is iconic to their character. We carry many of these accessories so that you can create an authentic costume.

Many superhero costumes don't come with gloves, especially the budget versions. You can get gloves separately as an upgrade to your outfit. There are gloves for everyone from Spider-Man to Bumblebee from the Transformers. These gloves are designed to perfectly match the associated costume, making it complete. In addition to gloves you can also get Spider-Man wrist web shooters, giant padded Hulk hands, or Catwoman claws. Boot covers are a great way to add superhero foot gear without buying an actual pair of shoes or boots. They fit over your own shoes, so your feet are still protected, but look like boots. Boot cuffs fit on boots you already own to turn them into superhero boots. And if you really want to go all out, get actual superhero style boots.

Get superhero accessories to compliment your costume and you'll be ready to leap into action.

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