St. Patrick's Day

When March rolls around you know that a sea of green is fast approaching. The St. Patrick's Day Accessories are some of our most fun and prized possessions here. Everything that makes the holiday so great has been seen to in the form of accessories that will surely get you a drink or two from friends. You can go all out and put green on top of green when wearing these silly items.

St. Patrick's Day - Shamrock Green Glasses

Shamrock Green Glasses

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Green face paint and nail polish would be good ways to start off the day. You can celebrate your Irish spirit with a subtle or grand gesture. A collection of bow ties will provide you with a fun way to celebrate while you're still in the office during the morning and afternoon, and if you're more the suspenders type, we have those ready for you, too. For you ladies out there, how about a green wig? These medium- and long-length hairstyles will give you a certain charm, which is obviously going to come in handy after work when you visit the pub with a few of your friends. You may even take it one step further and wear a tiara that lets everyone know you're Irish royalty.

This holiday is one of our biggest events of the year, so we always make sure to have the most products available to satisfy your imagination.

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