The most overlooked accessory for Halloween costumes is the one that will break the illusion of your costume. The Shoes for Halloween costumes page is filled with footwear to put that final touch on your costume. With these on you can truly walk in the shoes of the character you're portraying. With so many sizes and styles, you'll be one of the hippest partygoers at the next Halloween event.

Our shoes range from the cute and plain to the silly and archaic. When wearing a toga you cannot be seen walking around in sneakers or modern day sandals, so pick up a pair of ancient-style sandals that feature leather wraps. These will make you truly appear like you've come from the first century BC. They'd also be great for a Roman or Greek warrior costume.

Similarly, our silly platform shoes come in varieties that will allow other party guests to understand that disco is the wildest type of dance party. Assorted animal prints will blow other people's minds away. Mary Janes and other pretty shoes are also present to help you finish your princess and starlet attire, too. Variety is here and it's never looked quite as good as these.

Don't overlook your feet just because no one else will be looking at them. Commit to your costume 100%, and that means getting the shoes with the right fit.

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