At one point in your childhood you must have played cops and robbers, and now you can play it again in your adult life with real props rather than just using your imagination. The police and convicts accessories present on this page will have you look like an authentic copper or prisoner in no time. Your work toward justice or your fall from crime will look very impressive when you've got these items available to enhance your costume.

Police/Convicts - Studded Handcuff Belt

Studded Handcuff Belt

Our Price: $10.99
Out of Stock
Police/Convicts - Plastic Police Club

Plastic Police Club

Our Price: $2.97
In Stock
Police/Convicts - Silver Chain Handcuff Bracelet

Silver Chain Handcuff Bracelet

Our Price: $5.97
Out of Stock
Police/Convicts - Silver Handcuff Necklace

Silver Handcuff Necklace

Our Price: $8.97
Out of Stock
Police/Convicts - Deluxe Policeman's Badge and Chain

Deluxe Policeman's Badge and Chain

Our Price: $6.99
Out of Stock
Police/Convicts - Pig Cop Glasses and Tail

Pig Cop Glasses and Tail

Our Price: $9.97
Out of Stock

Criminals have one piece of jewelry that make them appear a bit bound and that would be a pair of handcuffs. The novelty ones we have are designed to look quite real and even come with a key to lock and unlock them. As a prisoner living the twenty-five to life lifestyle you may always add more to your orange jumpsuit or black and white striped outfit in the form of handcuff earrings or handcuff necklaces.

If you're on the side of justice and law then you'll need the right tools for the job. One necessity would be a police belt. These items hold lots of different tools, like a billy club, which is also featured on our list. In order to make your authority look more authentic, add a badge to your shirt. These items are made of tough plastic that makes them appear to be made of metal.

Whichever side you want to fall on, one thing is clear, games of cops and robbers will be back in a more impressive and authentic way. You will certainly have a lot of fun in your upcoming future.

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