The pirate life is an entirely foreign one to the lives we live today, so you'll need the right tools to make it appear like you've sailed across the sea and dueled sailors on other ships. The pirate costume accessories page has everything for men, women, and children to take up the call to arms under the black flag with the skull and crossbones. Your costume will make it seem like you've got your sea legs, but the accessories will make you look like you can actually use them.

Pirate - Skull and Stars Tattoos

Skull and Stars Tattoos

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Pirate - Barbed Wire and Skull Tattoo

Barbed Wire and Skull Tattoo

Our Price: $2.97
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Pirate - Pirate Skull Armband Tattoo

Pirate Skull Armband Tattoo

Our Price: $2.97
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Every good pirate needs a weapon to help them achieve victory over other vessels they're trying to rob. Novelty pistols, swords, and hooks are featured to put the final touches on your costume. These items are designed to look like they've been pulled from movies and transferred to your hands. Use them wisely because riches are in your future if you do.

Other than weapons, you'll need jewelry and other similar fashion accessories to make yourself look more intimidating. An eye patch is a quick and useful item to wear in order to make yourself look dangerous and to retain your night vision for when you go below deck. We also offer items like necklaces, earrings, and bandanas to make your appearance grizzled and cool.

Pirates are the scourge of the seas, but we all know those who have a thing against them actually want to be one. Add these accessories to your costume and find yourself a sailing vessel to go off on an adventure.

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