New Arrivals

The costume alone is always an impressive thing to see, but you won't look like you're truly capturing the character you want to portray without acquiring the important accessories that are essential. The New for 2016 Accessories are all the brand new items to correspond with our newest costume choices. Some of the items featured are also redesigned and updated versions of previous accessories in order for you to add a newness to your costume from last year.

One of our biggest lines of accessories to grow is our novelty weapons, gloves, and similar items related to superheroes. The newest Iron Man movie gives us the excuse to have more replica gloves to match the costumes out this year. The same principle was added to accessories for the Power Rangers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles television shows.

We've also added numerous matching accessories in assorted colors. Items like spirit sticks, novelty sunglasses, and the like will allow you and a few of your friends to become a team of raver rangers. We also feature assorted animal hoods and leg warmers to match a new line of sexy costumes the ladies will enjoy wearing out.

Out with the old and in with the new, these accessories from 2016 are some of the best we've acquired, and next year, we'll continue to bring even better ones.

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