Makeup & Face Paint Kits

Some Halloween costumes require minimal effort. Many people just throw on a mask or a wig and maybe a specific shirt, and they think they have created a great outfit. However, when people are more serious about getting into character for Halloween events and theme parties, there is much more effort involved – and usually, this translates into a more memorable character and event for everybody. We have an amazing collection of makeup kits for people who take their costumes seriously and want to make an impression on friends and strangers alike.

Whether you are vying for a laugh or a shriek of horror, these makeup kits can help you achieve whatever specific look you desire. Many of these items are extremely realistic, so the bloody wounds can be rather unsettling for the squeamish. People will think you jumped right out of a horror flick. Our variety of makeup kits include items for general characters such as clowns, vampires, and zombies, as well as specific characters from movies, television, and popular culture. Some of these other makeup kits include Monster High characters, Smurfs, and members of the Na'vi tribe in the movie Avatar.

These wonderful makeup kits are a great way to improve traditional Halloween costumes, such as werewolves, witches, and devils. We have specific makeup kits for classic characters like those, as well as others, that will help you transform any ordinary outfit into a realistic and memorable costume. The theatrical quality of some of these makeup kits is extraordinary, and you will have the tools and resources that many professional costume designers and makeup artists use.

Do that extra something special to enhance your costume with one of these fantastic makeup kits!

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