Makeup Basics

The Wicked Witch of the West wouldn't have been nearly as terrifying without her emerald skin and black hair, and the Blue Man Group would just be men without their blue makeup. Set some legends of your own when you use our makeup basics for your next Halloween party. Both professionals and beginners will find something for all their costuming needs in our massive selection.

We carry cream makeup in every color of the rainbow, letting you become anything from a sweet Smurf to the terrifying Hulk. Pre-packaged kits will help first-timers turn themselves into vampires, pirates, and much more. Our glittering shades and metallic options will lend an elegant accent to any whimsical costume. Use our many makeup applicators for that expert touch.

Once you've finished working on your face, you'll want to make sure your hair looks just as good. Clip-in extensions will add a dash of color to your outfit, helping you stand out from the crowd. If you want to try out a crazy hair color but don't want to commit to it long-term, use our temporary spray hair dye for a stress-free night of fun. You can't forget the classics. We have plenty of fake blood to dress up all your not-so-mortal wounds, along with colorless powder to help your terrifying zombie face stay put all day long. Pop on a pair of fake nails to finish your cute costume and you'll be ready for the festivities.

Costumes are exciting because they let us become what we want to be. Live your dreams to the fullest when you complete your Halloween getup up with these makeup basics. Order yours today and you're bound to have a great night.

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