Jewelry - Steampunk

The fascination with steampunk is a relatively new and niche market, but its fans are no less loyal and loud. The Steampunk Jewelry collection caters to those who love the fantastic elements of mechanical design. Working parts and assorted metals like brass are what make steampunk such a fun and cool thing to desire. These assorted items will help you accessorize your costume and make you appear like you've stepped out of an alternate Victorian reality.

Jewelry - Steampunk - Punk Studded Wristband

Punk Studded Wristband

Our Price: $4.99
In Stock
Jewelry - Steampunk - Shiny Studs Choker

Shiny Studs Choker

Our Price: $2.99
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Jewelry - Steampunk - Steampunk Pocket Watch Deluxe

Steampunk Pocket Watch Deluxe

Our Price: $8.97
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Jewelry - Steampunk - Victorian Industrial Key Necklace

Victorian Industrial Key Necklace

Our Price: $14.99
Out of Stock

Watches are the most important influences to all things associated with this genre, so we naturally provided assorted pocket watches to fit right in. These watches are an open face design and feature extravagant details that were benchmarks of the Victorian period. Attached chains make it easy to grab the watches and check the time when necessary. Bracelets and other items are also included to help you pull together your appearance even more. Steampunk is rooted in the thrill of mechanical advancement. Perhaps the fascination with the genre stems from an optimism for the advancement of human society, and that's why it permeates so strongly into the culture that it even takes over the fashion trends of the day.

You'll be hard-pressed to find another person dressing up in a steampunk costume at the next Halloween party you attend. Wear these accessories to make yourself stand out even more.

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