Jewelry - Roman/Greek

The ancient world was filled with many marvels and wonders, and there was no shortage of this in regards to fantastic Roman/ Greek Jewelry. This page features several unique and well-crafted pieces that show off why gold was the most luxurious item in the world at the time. The different designs and patterns created for jewelry is quite impressive to see.

Jewelry - Roman/Greek - Dripping Rubies Headpiece Adult

Dripping Rubies Headpiece Adult

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Jewelry - Roman/Greek - Glittering Rhinestone Headpiece Adult

Glittering Rhinestone Headpiece Adult

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We have pieces as necklaces, arm bands, rings, and more. The arm bands were particularly popular to wear because the climate allowed for garments that were sleeveless and airy for most of the year. These gold bands come in impressive shapes like snakes and feature swirling patterns that were typical throughout the ancient world. It's not a vanity to show off those powerful and sculpted arms in such a charming way.

Earrings and bracelets were also grand and popular accessories to wear when attending fancy events. Roman citizens of good standing were always aware of the most popular fashions, jewelry being at the forefront of this movement. You'll tantalize all the other members of the party with your clever wit and shiny accessories.

There are several different kinds of characters you can play when dressed as a Roman or Greek citizen. These jewelry pieces will help you become a wealthy heiress to a large tract of land or a goddess of unyielding power.

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