Jewelry - New Arrivals

Once we've sold out of a particular item, the time comes to replace it with something new and exciting. The New for 2016 Jewelry is like waiting for a brand new edition of your favorite accessories, and they've finally arrived. Many of our newest pieces are made for luxury yet the very definition of that word is a bit incongruous when seeing these items lined up together. The dissimilarity among all the new jewelry makes your pool of costume selection larger.

Begin by sampling our newest necklaces which are unique and dazzling. The spike necklace is something that will surprise many party goers with its sharp and dangerous look. It would be an ideal accessory to wear with a sorceress or other costumes that allow you to be an antagonist. Dancing with danger has never been more appealing. Other items showcase a more fun and flirty side, like the neon bracelets and belts, which would do wonders for a '80s-themed Halloween costume. A party can be celebrated in several different manners, so if you're interested in a more refined take, the lace choker will be a stunning addition to a ballroom gown.

No stock of jewelry will be quite as appealing as this one. Here, you've got several unique selections that will make your costumed character an individual with no rival.

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