Jewelry - Egyptian

The most popular depictions of ancient Egypt are those images showing off the style and exuberance of Cleopatra. The Egyptian Jewelry collection shows off pieces that fit right in with the ancient world and are made of a gold plastic that look decadent and royal. You'll feel like a goddess in human flesh when wearing these items with your impressive costume.

One of the most thrilling features of these pieces is that the theme of snakes is featured quite often. We have earrings, necklaces, and even rings that depict coiled snakes. The pieces are both dangerous and beautiful as the coils dance around and hug your body. Many of them even have tiny red jewels for eyes. Other jewelry pieces feature golden coins and sequins. The idea behind these items is that they have an appeal that is completely unique from those features that make modern jewelry so fascinating. It is clear that you'll be wearing not only a costume but accessories that are unlike any other. Your friends will be dumbstruck by how epic you'll look when wearing the entire outfit.

You'll be the very image of a reborn Cleopatra when wearing these Egyptian jewelry pieces. Your charm will be as potent as the poison in a viper's bite.

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