Jewelry - Cavemen

Inventing fire and the wheel were quite the accomplishments, so it was inevitable that the creation of things to make one look nicer and unique were right behind. The Cavemen Jewelry is a series of humorous and fun accessories you can wear with your next caveman costume. It will be fun to see how someone who beats animals over the head with a club could be so fashion conscious.

Jewelry - Cavemen - Shark Tooth Bracelet

Shark Tooth Bracelet

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Jewelry - Cavemen - Shark Tooth Necklace

Shark Tooth Necklace

Our Price: $4.97
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Jewelry - Cavemen - Style Stone Age Earrings

Style Stone Age Earrings

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Jewelry - Cavemen - Stone Age Choker Necklace

Stone Age Choker Necklace

Our Price: $4.97
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Since mining had not yet become a prevalent thing at the time of cavemen, the most readily available "stone" to make jewelry out of was teeth. The tooth bracelets and necklaces are a collection of sharp teeth that have been strung together to create cool jewelry that is a right fit for a hunter/scavenger. The teeth are designed to appear like they've been taken from predatory animals, making it seem like the caveman wearing the piece of jewelry is a successful hunter. These pieces are great for either men or women, and we also include other tooth pieces that are wrapped in faux leather to give the jewelry a more unique look. Chokers and earrings are perhaps a bit anachronistic, but so are cavemen in the modern world, so you can have fun while dressing up this Halloween.

You will absolutely get compliments from others at the next party you attend. Diamonds may be forever, but this jewelry has survived millions of years, so who's getting the better value?

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