Jewelry - 80's

Fall into the temptation of dressing up with more and more colors and styles in order to make yourself the epitome of '80s fashion. The 80's Jewelry collection contains the pieces you need to polish off that authentic look. This was a decade of excess in every single way, so live it by acquiring the jewelry that will make you look like a material girl.

Jewelry - 80's - 50's Clip-On Record Earrings

50's Clip-On Record Earrings

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Jewelry - 80's - Record Bracelet

Record Bracelet

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Jewelry - 80's - Mod Bangle Magenta Bracelet

Mod Bangle Magenta Bracelet

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Jewelry - 80's - Gold and Diamond Bracelets - 12 Pack

Gold and Diamond Bracelets - 12 Pack

Our Price: $6.97
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The one important thing to remember about this decade is that almost everything was fair game in fashion. The jewelry we feature has tons of influences from previous decades and would even work for different types of costumes. The more purely '80s jewelry is all bright, neon, and comes in interesting shapes that one doesn't typically associate with women's accessories. The wild pieces will complement your tutu skirt and fingerless mesh gloves.

Traditional pearls, rhinestone bracelets, and several other comparatively modest and normal pieces are available in this collection, but the '80s was all about wearing these items ironically. Wear your pearls with a punk rocker outfit and make a statement on wealth and luxury. Your rebellious attitude will be enhanced by the accessories you choose to wear.

With so many different costume jewelry pieces to pick from, it'll be tough to decide which one will best fit your '80s persona. No matter what though, you'll have one of the most well put together costumes of the evening.

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