It is always the perfect time for a history lesson. There is so much we can learn about where we are going if we are able to understand where we've been. Learning from the mistakes of our past often helps us travel down the more beneficial paths to our future. One mistake we must learn from is the lack of proper accessories for a costume at a Halloween event or theme party. An incomplete outfit can ruin a character, so you should take a look at our great selection of historic and patriotic accessories.

Historic/Patriotic - Child's Black Colonial Shoes

Child's Black Colonial Shoes

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Historic/Patriotic - Brown Judge Gavel

Brown Judge Gavel

Our Price: $4.97
Out of Stock
Historic/Patriotic - Civil War Sword

Civil War Sword

Our Price: $4.97
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Historic/Patriotic - Adult Sequin Captain's Hat

Adult Sequin Captain's Hat

Our Price: $8.97
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Historic/Patriotic - George Washington Costume Kit

George Washington Costume Kit

Our Price: $12.99
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Historic/Patriotic - Honest Abe Men's Beard

Honest Abe Men's Beard

Our Price: $9.97
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Historic/Patriotic - Women's Novelty Patriotic Wig

Women's Novelty Patriotic Wig

Our Price: $15.97
Out of Stock

Dressing up as a historical figure is a great way to show some pride in your country. Some popular historical figures that are often portrayed include Benjamin Franklin and former United States Presidents such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. You can also dress up as famous American icons such as Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam. Whichever character you choose, make sure you wear your stars and stripes with pride.

We have a wide variety of historic and patriotic accessories, ranging anywhere from flags to vests to wigs. If you are dressing up as the Statue of Liberty, then you definitely need a mask or makeup, as well as her famous torch. If you are dressing up as Honest Abe, then you certainly need a beard and a large black hat. Ben Franklin can't see without his glasses, and Uncle Sam would just be some guy pointing without his beard, hat, and star-spangled outfit.

The details are extremely important when it comes to costumes, so get some of these historic and patriotic accessories today!

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